Email Broadcast July 22, 2022

Dear NYS Patriot,

I am grateful to share this message of strength with you. A year into the NY Citizens Audit team, by God’s grace, we have found the real evidence. In a few weeks we will be releasing some truly incredible findings, and launching the next phase of our battle to reclaim NY for We The People.

Now more than ever we need YOUR help. Yes, we can use contributions, but first we are calling upon you as a Patriot, and a protector of God’s creation, to stand on the border of Truth and not allow a single further incursion.

I can report with full certainty there is NO WAY the 6/28 primary was free and fair, NO WAY the 8/23 primary will be free and fair, and unless all of us pursue every lawful remedy in defense of our beautiful state, our November election will be rigged as well–just like 2020 was.

The ground game is set; the receipts are ready. Here’s how YOU can join with the NY Citizens Audit team to protect our children and the future of our Republic:

  1. Sign our petition calling for the decertification of all NYS Legislators whose races were falsely certified in 2020, and the nullification of all laws bearing their signatures. The full list of these legislators will soon be viewable on our website Thousands of New Yorkers have already signed this petition, as well as our petition to decertify the 2020 election based on stunning violations of law and massive electoral discrepancies, that was served by members of the NY Citizens Audit team on behalf of all New Yorkers May 9, 2022, on the Attorney General, NYS Board of Elections, and Secretary of State.
  2. Join your NY Citizens Audit county strike team. Strike teams across NYS are already busy:
    reading the petitions into their county record (Suffolk, Monroe, Clinton and Orange),
    meeting with county legislators to request their signatures on a county-by-county resolution to decertify 2020 (Orange and Monroe), getting their townships to support the resolution (Bethany in Genesee Co), meeting with their Sheriff and DA to present our evidence in support of criminal investigations of the Board of Elections in every county (Putnam, Clinton, NYS), verifying fraudulent records in the voter rolls, holding watch parties of our recorded presentations detailing the rig in NYS (,

There is a Patriot party going on that you need to be at!! To get involved in your county, please come to our weekly Thursday evening County Strike Teams informational meeting, 8pm at this link

NY Citizens Audit team July 2022 UPDATES:

  1. On behalf of thousands of petition signers and all New Yorkers, the NY Citizens Audit team filed formal petitions with the NYS Attorney General and Board of Elections on 5/9/2022 and 6/27/2022, enumerating the most egregious violations of law and discrepancies we found in our investigation of the 2020 General Election. Each petition contains state level facts as well as county specific facts. We filed 29 counties so far! The petition facts and exhibits section is over 60 pages long, and is a must-read for all New Yorkers who value freedom. You can read your County Facts on our website
  2. NY Citizens Audit County Strike teams in Suffolk, Orange, Clinton and Monroe counties have read their petitions into the county record and are asking their county legislatures to sign our resolution for the decertification of the 2020 General Election in NYS, based on the staggering violations of law our research team uncovered. To get involved in your county, please come to our weekly Thursday evening County Strike Teams meeting, 8pm at this link
  3. The NY Citizens Audit team prepared a law enforcement specific report detailing over 321,000 unique instances of identity theft in the NYS voter rolls, as well as an equal number of forgery claims. It is ready for you to help bring to your Sheriff and DA, to demand a criminal investigation. To get involved in your county, please come to our weekly Thursday evening County Strike Teams meeting, 8pm at this link
  4. Our website now features a self-guided class entitled “Understanding the Data.” If you have seen one of our public presentations, you know the rig can be mind-boggling. After a live presentation, or catching up with our recordings on Rumble at, try your knowledge of the facts in one of our quizzes. They are a fun and patriotic challenge
  5. Our store is up and taking orders! The NY Citizens Audit logo symbolizes grit, patriotism, smarts, and faith–show friends and neighbors you are on the team, while you help keep the servers running. We are 100% volunteer but it does take cash for IT, printing, and filing in court. You can also make a simple contribution to the team through our store Your financial support is greatly appreciated.
  1. Our state director, GG, will be live-streaming a weekly update for the general public on Tuesday evenings at 8pm. Check the website for the countdown and link Yes that is a pseudonym.
  2. The NY Citizens Audit legal division is preparing to file lawsuits in every county. MAKE HISTORY BY JOINING OUR LAWSUITS AS A PLAINTIFF. You can be a John Doe/Jane Roe. Where the Attorney General, Board of Elections, Sheriffs, County Legislators and DAs fail to take action on our findings–all gleaned from publicly available data–we say “See you in court.” Please email with your name and county for more info.

For God and Country,
NY Citizens Audit