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The officials who are supposed to be ensuring fair elections are silencing our efforts! We urgently ask you to sign our petition to ensure honest, provable elections in New York going forward.

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We're demanding a material response.

Open source audits of the New York State 2020 and 2022 General Elections conducted by New York Citizens Audit have uncovered evidence of massive inaccuracies that appear to violate both state and federal law.

745,294 apparent voting violations

statewide in New York’s 2022 General Election.

338,356 more votes counted

than voters who voted in New York’s 2020 General Election.

5,142,950 apparent registration violations

Each one appears to fit the DOJ definition of election fraud.


By adding your name, you're telling our representatives that material steps need to be taken to ensure valid elections going forward. We're looking ahead. Learning from past inaccuracies helps protect future voters.

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