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We need YOU to call the NYS GOP right now, and demand that they file a lawsuit halting the certification of the 2022 midterm until it can be proven accurate, based on the overwhelming evidence provided them by NY Citizens Audit. It is past time for them to stand up for the people of NY! CALL NOW 518-462-2601


Please add your name to our petition calling for the Decertification of the 2020 General Election in NYS.


We need all hands on deck to shine a bright light on the dark halls of corruption and power in The Empire State. We must do this for the protection of our children, elders, free enterprise, freedom of conscience, health, education, and our LIFE, LIBERTY, and PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

Mission Statement

New York Citizens Audit is a team of concerned citizen volunteers working to restore integrity to the Empire State. By gathering and analyzing publicly available voter data, we have uncovered shocking revelations about our rigged election system.

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Citizens Election Integrity Report

Did you know we have 10,299 “Lincoln voters” in NYS?
All born on January 1st, 1850, all on the voter rolls.
Some were even well enough to vote again in 2020…
now that’s NY strong!!
Did you know that 12,673 New Yorkers managed
to cast their 2021 ballots BEFORE early voting started?
They sure “got the worm.”
We have so much to investigate;
we could use YOUR HELP on the team.