About New York Citizens Audit

NY Citizens Audit team was started in July of 2021. We believe our election process should follow the law and the US Constitution. We share the work of gathering the evidence to call for DECERTIFICATION and a FULL FORENSIC AUDIT of the 2020 General Election in NYS. In this way we are part of a nationwide return to self-governance, liberty, and the rule of law.

We are an all-volunteer team reflecting the diversity of brilliant, passionate, hard-working, patriotic New Yorkers.

Data Experts | Computer Nerds | Poll Workers | Moms & Dads | Grandmas & Grandpas | Barbers | Farmers | Homeschoolers |Candidates | LEOs |Fire Fighters | Coaches | Teachers | Nurses & Doctors | Artists |Gardeners

Straight up Patriots!

Mission Statement

New York Citizens Audit is a team of concerned citizen volunteers working to restore integrity to the Empire State. By gathering and analyzing publicly available voter data, we have uncovered shocking revelations about our rigged election system. Based on our findings we are calling for the decertification of the entire New York State 2020 General Election, especially a minimum of 89 improperly certified NYS legislative races.

We seek to include and involve all New York State citizens in asserting every legal remedy within the New York State and United States constitutions to rectify the egregious violations of law in the New York State 2020 general election, including but not limited to proceedings in the Judicial, Executive and Legislative branches.

We must uphold our rights under the law to free and fair elections, including but not limited to One Lawful Citizen-one registration-one vote, hand-counted paper ballots, and citizen involvement in conducting, controlling, managing, monitoring, and verifying every stage of the election process. This is the way to secure our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and the path to restoring our truthful identity as a Godly nation.