Thanks for your interest in joining the NY Citizens Audit team. Joining our team is a great way to make a difference for NY, and share in the joy of uniting our minds and hearts to serve the well being of our nation. Many of the tasks we are facing have never been attempted by citizens, so it’s good to be a person who embraces challenges.

An all-volunteer organization started in July of 2021, we believe our election process should follow the law and the US Constitution. We share the work of studying the raw data from the Board of Elections, State and Federal laws, reporting on violations, and seeking meaningful redress.

We reflect the diversity of passionate, hard-working, patriotic New Yorkers. We are:

Data Experts | Computer Nerds | Poll Workers | Moms & Dads | Grandmas & Grandpas | Barbers | Farmers | Homeschoolers | Political Candidates | CEOs |Fire Fighters | Coaches | Teachers | Nurses & Doctors | Artists |Gardeners | Straight up Americans!

Join us!