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Two years ago, a group of New Yorkers—busy like you—set forth to determine if our elections were fair and honest. Using publicly available voter roll databases obtained directly from state and local boards of elections through the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), we began an audit of those records. What we found is alarming: official New York election data contains millions of potential violations of state and federal law. We encourage you to review our findings and welcome you to join our bipartisan movement to demand answers for these apparent violations, and ensure citizen sovereignty through honest, provable elections.

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A Call to Serve: Here’s How You Can Help


Joining our team is a great way to make a difference for NY and share in the joy of uniting our minds and hearts to serve the well being of our nation. Many of the tasks we are facing have never been attempted by citizens, so it’s good to be a person who embraces challenges and has a tremendous team spirit.


Please consider making a donation to support our legal efforts to hold our officials accountable and restore accuracy and the rule of law to our elections.

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